1. Backyard Birds

    20 Nov 2021
    You never know what might show up in your backyard when it comes to wildlife. Most recently, I’ve spent some time trying to capture images of the bids in the area. This is the first time I’ve run across a broad-billed hummingbird. The colors are amazing!  Thanks for taking the…

  2. Harris Hawks 2021

    18 Nov 2021
    Hawks or birds of prey are fascinating to me.  Harris hawks are one of the few bird species which hunt together to increase their odds of a successful kill, much like wolves do. The birds will often stand on the back of another hawk to help scout for prey.  We…

  3. Bosque Del Apache 2021

    15 Nov 2021
    Bosque Del Apache is just south of Socorro New Mexico. The wildlife refuge has been around since the 1930’s and offers a lot for wildlife in the region. Sandhill cranes, snow geese, ducks and more use this area as a stopping point while migrating south for the winter. This was…

  4. Bosque Del Apache - Socorro New Mexico

    02 Mar 2019
    What a great place to photograph! We left on Saturday morning and thankfully the weather held out. About a week or so ago most of the high country in AZ and NM were hit with storms and snow. It made for a beautiful drive, but I was a little nervous…

  5. Canon EF200-400mm F/4

    08 Jun 2016
    If you have every wondered about the engineering or build of the Canon super zooms, have a look at this video. It’s impressive to see all the parts which make up the lens. Passing on the video. Frank

  6. Photography Lighting Diagram - Cheetah Colt 45

    31 May 2016
    One of the ways to light your subject when in the full sun, is to use a powerful strobe and a bare reflector. The hard light tends to compliment the scene and bring out the details. During this session, I used the Cheetah High Performance Colt 45 Reflector and the…

  7. Gear Review - Canon 200mm F/2.8 L MK II

    26 May 2016
    There are times when you need a little extra reach, and a 200mm lens can do the trick. I’ve owned the Canon 70-200L IS  F/2.8 MK1, and it was a great lens. This lens, at 200mm is sharper than my 70-200L was. If you are in the market for a…

  8. It’s been three years - A session with Lisa.

    26 May 2016
    Hello all It was about three years ago I decided to hang up my gear and focus on college. A career change was needed after I retired from the Air Force. At the end of 2012, I had my last shoot and called it quits. Now, with school coming to…

  9. Photography Lighting Diagram - Christina

    30 Apr 2016
    One of the challenges when you want to shoot with a wide aperture while using studio strobes is either having too much strobe/flash power or you can’t get your sync speed low enough to capture the shot. You have several options you can try. A neutral density (ND) gel on…

  10. Sharing some thoughts - Multiple Catchlights

    30 Apr 2016
    Over the past several years from time to time I’ve seen a number of comments in many popular photography forums about multiple catchlights in peoples photos.  Mine included. Not to mention several discussions at seminars and photography group meetings.  Personally I’ve never understood why this is such an issue for…

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