Coues Deer Bucks and Does - 2023

Living in Cochise county Arizona has allowed me to capture shots of Coues deer I had never seen growing up in southern New Mexico.  We have mule deer where I grew up but I had only heard about these tiny deer in Arizona. 

If you’ve never seen one, they are about as large as a Great Dane but with horns if it’s a buck. 

Here are some shots from 2023 you might enjoy.

This guy was on a scent trail as it’s that time of year when the boys are seeking out the girls. 

This cute young buck has made his way through our yard on several occasions, always nice to see him. 

Here he is again out in the fields enjoying the day. 

This big guy (big for a Coues deer) would not come out of the shady areas, he was on a scent trail as well and would not step out into the sun.  I think I brought him out of the shadows…but it would have been amazing if he was in good light. 

Not all the bucks have amazing horns and look majestic, but they have to start somewhere. The one with the hanging horn, I’ve run across him again and he’s doing well. The horn has since dried up and doesn’t look like a water balloon. 

A mix of does and bucks from around the area. The does up close frequent our property and have the sweetest faces. 

It’s really neat to see them when the horns are growing and all covered in velvet. 

Lastly, the best time of year in my opinion is when the babies start showing up. This little guy/gal is only two days old. It was raining on this particular day and they were both pretty soaked. 

Thanks for taking the time to make it this far, hope you enjoyed the times. 


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