Four Bucks

There was a time when I would leave my camera at home but things have changed.  Since relocating to southern Arizona, I don’t leave home without it.  The wildlife is abundant here and you never know what you will run across.  A few days ago, I was lucky enough to photograph four whitetail bucks grazing out in an open field.  A few times over the past couple of months, this same group has been in the area, unfortunately they have either been too far to photograph or it was near dark.  This time was different, they were in just the right range for the Sony 200-600 to capture some images.  Most of the photos were taken at 500-600mm range depending on who was in the scene. The setting sun with the warm light really helped give the images some life and great color. 

Be sure to click on the photos to see a larger version of the image.  On to the images…

A few days prior to the bucks, we had a juvenile redtail hawk pay a visit to the backyard, here are those shots. The hawk has stayed in the area and hopefully I’ll be able to capture some more images of it in the future. 

Enjoy the day all and thanks for visiting the site.


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