Bobcat Encounters

In the past six months we’ve encountered bobcats four or five times. I grew up in southern New Mexico and I might have run across two over the years.  They are quite prolific here in Tucson, I’m just glad they are in my neighborhood area. The following recent shots are of a young bobcat enjoying a ground squirrel as an afternoon meal/snack.  I’ve included a shot of a mature male bobcat I photographed a few months ago. Such pretty cats! The mature male was photographed with the D850+500PF and the young one was photographed with the Sony A1 + 100-400gm lens. 

Here is a shot of the same young cat the day after I captured the series above.  It was a little nervous as we have construction going on in the area and the workers scared it a little.  I was lucky enough to snap this shot before it headed back into the mesquite trees. 

Here is the image of the large male we first came across about a month after we moved to Tucson. Such pretty animals! 

Thank you for visiting the site, I hope you enjoyed the shots. 


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