Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area (video)

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area is about an hour and a half south of Tucson near the town of McNealy.  We arrived at the location around 8am and only a few people were out and about viewing the wildlife. The site has several walking paths, a number of benches, and a few observation decks with spotting scopes.  

The sandhill cranes and snow geese are in the middle of their migration and Whitewater is a stopping point as they head south. Around 10am the number of birds increased to around 3000 with many more flying in. Two days prior we were told the numbers increased to 20,000 or more!  The sound of the birds in mass is something to witness, the video captures a sample of how loud these bids are.   This is definitely a destination spot for anyone who enjoys wildlife or photography, plenty opportunities to capture great images. 

I hope you enjoy the video and the slideshow. 


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