House Renovation Part 2

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I’ve run out of room on the first post when it comes to the image limit on a blog page. 

UPDATE 2-14-23

The floor crew has applied the base color and the house looks so refreshed and new feeling. This isn’t the final color, it will have tans/greys in the mix and it will be a little darker. It should compliment the overall look of the home. Fingers crossed!  We are going with a satin finish we as well.  It’s just great to see the old floor has been erased. 

Next up will be the final coloring and polishing. 

We still have a few lights, ceiling fans, and smoke/CO detectors to be installed…but we are getting close to moving in. Exciting times! 

The black/brushed nickel pendant lights will be over the center island.  The pair of lights will be hallway lights and the iron/canvas pendant will be over the dinning room table.  We are still in search of a couple ceiling fans. 

More updates on the way, I’ll post the final flooring color when it’s installed/applied.  We will do a final walkthrough this weekend and then it’s time to move in to the house. 

UPDATE 2-25-2023

The floors are finished and look so much better than what was there before.  We used Rogo’s Finishing Touch out of Tucson to revamp the floors and they did an outstanding job. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to anyone looking to have their floors refinished. They provide a number of flooring options/services, give them a call if you are in the market. 

The pendants are now installed, ceiling fans are up, and the refrigerator is in place. I left that out of the photos but it pulls the kitchen together. 

The floor has a touch of grey in the mix to work well with the rest of the house. We made the choice to not go with a high gloss finish, there is a satin finish in place. 

The main bedroom closet is in the works and we are waiting on a couple of 8x8 sliding glass doors. One will go in the kitchen where you see the small window between the ovens and the microwave and the other will replace the French doors in the living room. Between the two, there should be plenty of natural light coming in once installed. 

The movers dropped off our belongings and we are in the process of unpacking. It’s a great feeling to see how much this place has changed over the course of six months. We knew it had potential and needed updating, it’s great to be at the finish line. 

If you need cabinets or countertops… be sure to reach out to Cochise Cabinets, they handled the majority of the renovation and did an amazing job! 

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