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  1. Gear Review - Canon 200mm F/2.8 L MK II

    26 May 2016

    There are times when you need a little extra reach, and a 200mm lens can do the trick. I’ve owned the Canon 70-200L IS  F/2.8 MK1, and it was a great lens. This lens, at 200mm is sharper than my 70-200L was. If you are in the market for a…

  2. Gear review - Sigma 150mm EX DG OS F/2.8

    30 Apr 2016

    I’m a long time macro nut! I’ve shot with several macro lenses over the years and each brand has performed very well. The new Sigma 150mm EX DG OS F/2.8 lens is stellar! I’ve included several high-resolution images you can zoom in on to see the fine details I started…

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