Gear review - Sigma 150mm EX DG OS F/2.8

I’m a long time macro nut! I’ve shot with several macro lenses over the years and each brand has performed very well. The new Sigma 150mm EX DG OS F/2.8 lens is stellar! I’ve included several high-resolution images you can zoom in on to see the fine details. I started out on the Canon 100mm macro non IS lens, it’s a great lens if you want to give macro photography a try.

It also doubles as a nice portrait lens. A word of caution when using macro lenses for portrait work, the subject needs to have great skin or a makeup artist. The lenses show every detail, good and bad. I then moved on to the Sigma 180mm macro and shot with it for a few years.

The New Sigma 150mm macro with OS caught my eye and I wanted to give it a shot. I’ve not been disappointed. I truly do not miss the 30mm difference from the 180mm to the 150mm and the added OS works great. The lens has a solid feel to it, everything functions very smooth and I never notice the OS working in the background. As with the other macro
lenses I’ve shot in the past, it’s very sharp. The bokeh is just as nice as the Sig 180mm. The lens is fairly fast to focus when changing from shooting near to far. The motor has to move a lot of heavy glass but it does a nice job.

A quick video overview of the lens.

A few of my favorite shots below, be sure to click on the image to view the details.

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