Photogaphy Lighting Diagram - Easy Bokeh Portrait

There are times when cheap props can help produce great results. This is one of those instances where a $10 piece of fabric helps make the shot.  The main light source was the Elinchrom 53″ octa with both diffusion panels in place. The sequin material was placed on the background stand about 6-7 feet from Denise. The second light has a 7″ reflector and a 20 degree grid in place. I pointed this until the light was skimming across the fabric.

It took several test shots to get the light where I wanted it on the fabric. Experiment and see how you can change things up. A small reflector was used for additional fill to camera right. The strobes did not fire, this was shot entirely with the modeling lights. I wanted a very shallow depth of field and this is how the bokeh was achieved in the image.

I had to bump up the ISO to 500 and it was shot @ F/1.8 with the 85mm. Again, you will have to make adjustments according to your setup. What’s nice about the sequin material is it is very inexpensive. I think I paid about $5 a yard and two yards has proven for me, to be more than enough to create nice head shots. Here is a link if you are in the market for the sequin material.

Thank you for visiting my site, if you have any questions about the setup, please feel free to ask.

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