1. Photogaphy Lighting Diagram - Easy Bokeh Portrait

    29 Apr 2016
    There are times when cheap props can help produce great results. This is one of those instances where a $10 piece of fabric helps make the shot.  The main light source was the Elinchrom 53″ octa with both diffusion panels in place. The sequin material was placed on the background…

  2. Photography Lighting Diagram - Denise from the top

    29 Apr 2016
    The lighting diagram makes it a little challenging to show exactly how the octobox was placed as well as the reflector. As you can see there isn’t a background displayed in the diagram. Using light falloff and the inverse square law, I was able to make the background black with…

  3. Photography Lighting Diagram - Amber with Flare

    29 Apr 2016
    In this part of the session we moved outdoors to take advantage of the setting sun. I’m not a huge fan of sun flare photos but I think this one turned out nice. I haven’t shot many of these but you might be interested in how it was shot Since…

  4. Photography Lighting Diagram - Lisa at the lake

    29 Apr 2016
    Sometimes, less is more, simple setups can help elevate your work to another level. For this session, I had a studio strobe setup on location and during the shoot we experienced technically difficulties. These things can and often do happen while shooting. Lights blow out, triggers won’t fire, etc. You…

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