Photography Lighting Diagram - Betty in the pool

One of the concerns I had for this shoot was her makeup, since it wasn’t waterproof we had to be mindful not to get her face wet. Lighting was pretty straight forward. If you have viewed the other lighting diagrams, a theme should be developing. I like to use minimal lighting. Working with a single light you can accomplish a lot.

In this image I metered for the background/pool to see where we were at. I settled on F/10. This allowed the pool to be vibrant in color. I did increase the blue saturation slightly in post. I then used the Elinchrom Ranger RX/AS with the Speedotron 22″ beauty dish on an Elinchrom “S” head. I placed the light about 3 feet above her and about 6ft away. The light was also angled downwards. This allowed me to place the catch lights in the upper region of her eyes.

The dish had the Elinchrom silver deflector in place and the diffusion sock. All the items used are listed below. I had my meter reading for the background now all that was left to do was to bring the light up enough make her standout from the shadows. Remember at this point she is almost a silhouette with the sun behind here. A couple test shots later and this is the end result.

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