Single light with panel reflector.

There are times when you are on a shoot, the location might not be best. Small, confined spaces, are challenging to photograph in. This is where you have to make the best of what you are given. 

For this particular shoot, I decided upon using the Elinchrom 39" Deep Octabox with both diffusion panels in place. The Deep Octa is a fantastic modifier! It isn't huge, like some of the other modifiers I've used in the past. The quality of light is very pleasing, well worth the money if you are in the market. 

The strobe was places about four feet from Christina at about a 45 degree angle to camera right. With the ceiling height at around eight or nine feet, I raised the light until the top of the modifier hit. It was then slightly pointed down towards Christina. 

To provide a little fill on the shadow side, I used a 4ft reflector panel and moved it as close as I could to her right... just out of the view of the camera. This helped provide a nice, soft fill light and helped achieve the look you see in the photo.

The black and white conversion, I used NIK SilverFX and thanks to Google, anyone can own a copy...for free.

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