Your second light in a one light situation - the sun.

In this part of the session, wemoved outdoors to take advantage of the setting sun.  I’m not a huge fan of sun flare photos, but Ithink this one turned out nice. I haven’t shot many of these, but you might beinterested in how it was shot?

Since the sun was getting low on thehorizon, I noticed when I went to take a shot, I had sun flare. As I mentioned atthe opening, I’m not a huge fan of flare shots. It’s not really my style, but Ithought it might work in this particular setting.  I liked the end results.

As you can see from the image andthe diagram, the sun is behind Amber, and it’s providing a nice rim light tohair and shoulders.  Moving the camera arounduntil I had a considerable amount of sun flare showing in the view finder iswhen I took the shot.

Light was provided by an Elinchrom600rx strobe, and I was using the Elinchrom 53″ octa to keep the light, niceand soft.  You can see through the catchlight on her eyes; the light was positioned to the camera left but not a lot…maybe   off the center of the camera. Thelight was raised high enough to make sure the catch lights were in or aroundthe 10 o’clock position.

In a shot like this, it’s reallyimportant to meter the background first, in camera or with a light meter.  Using the Canon 85L II, right around F/5.6 was a good setting.  I then increased the flash to about 1/3rd ofa stop over the ambient light.  Thishelps bring her to life in the image.

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