Amber and the setting sun.

For this scene I wanted really nicesoft light.  I used the Elinchrom 53″octa with all the diffusion panels in place. The modifier was attached to the Elinchrom Ranger RX/AS 1100ws battery powered strobe pack triggered with ElinchromSkyports.  The 53″ Octa really wraps the  light on this scene, no additional reflectorswere used to add for fill.

The light was placed about 5 ft fromAmber and off to the camera right… about 30 degrees or so and elevated on thestand a few feet from the ground. You can see in the catch lights how the lightwas placed.

I wanted to capture the nice sunset tones,so I metered for the background, the sun was of course setting fast, and we hadto work really fast to make the  changingscene.  Once I had the background lookinglike I wanted, which was about 1/3-1/2 stop lower than what I set the mainlight, we shot.  This way, the colorswere really saturated in the background, and she stands out in the scene.

We were lucky enough to have theflowers compliment the garments she was wearing.

In the second image, we flipped around 180 degrees to capture the nice mountains in the background. The same lighting setup was used to capture the scene.

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